Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Haunted Hogshead: A Yankee Legend.

I am writing the history of Big Bone, Kentucky, my hometown.  Because of this I am interested in every early referenced to the place.  Here is one I picked up from a publication of 1830.  If anyone remembers this guy please let me know:
"You don't live to Boston, then, do you? No; I calculate you are from the old country, though you speak English almost as well as I do. Now, I'm a Kentucky man, and my father was to Big-bone Creek, in old Kentuck, where he could lather every man in the state; but I could lick my father."
"The Haunted Hogshead:  A Yankee Legend". — from the London Literary Gazette No. 716.  (9 Oct 1830) p. 1, col. 1.