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Deed to Big Bone Baptist Church. Big Bone, Kentucky. 1843

Deed to Big Bone Baptist Church

Big Bone, Kentucky Boone County Deed Book O-74 1843 Typed and edited by James Duvall, M. A.

      This Indenture made and concluded this 23rd day of November A. D. 1843 between John Wallace of the one part and James R. Hawkins, Robert Huey, Samuel Mason, John Q. Johnson, and Jacob Hartesty, Trustees of the Baptist Church of Christ near Big Bone known and designated as the Big Bone Meeting house of the second part all of the County of Boone and of Kentucky, Witnesseth, That the said John Wallace party of the first part, for and in consideration of the love and regard which he hath for said Baptist Church, and the further consideration of the sum of one dollar by the said party of the second part paid in hand the the said party of the first part hath granted bargained and sold to said party of the second part and their successors, Two acres of the following described tract piece or parcel of land, and for the further consideration of Thirty five dollars secured to be paid by said party of the second part he the said party of the first part hath in like manner bargained granted, and sold, to said party of the second part, and their successors five acres out of said tract both of which tracts are situated on the waters of Big Bone and Landing Creeks and bounded as follows to wit, Beginning at a stake near a Spring or march in Jesse Taylors northern line of his survey for 2000 acres corner of Wm. Masons tract of seventeen acres, conveyed to him by said party of the first part, thence N 20 W to a small [larch?] tree standing in the edge of, and on the N. side of the Landing and Union road, thence S 80 E. 60 poles to the centre of the Gum spring fork of Big Bone Lick creek, thence down said creek with its various menders, to the afsd. line of the said Taylor, thence with said Taylors said North line to the beginning, containing by survey seven acres, with the following reservation, That it shall be for the purpose of a Church and School house Lot, and burying Ground for the neighborhood, and all others as shall be permitted by said Church. And it is hereby agreed between the parties that said Trustees shall not have the power to convey said land or any part of it, nor to use the same except for the purposes aforesaid it being the intention and meaning of the grantor hereof to same to said Church and the neighborhood said land for the purpose of erecting such meetinghouse or school house thereon as from time to time they shall think expedient, and to have hold use and occupy the same for said purposes;
Provided also and it is distinctly and clearly understood that the neighborhood shall have the right to use the present school house on said lot as a a school house until Otherwise ordered by said party of the first part, And said party of the first part for himself his heirs executors and administrators doth hereby covenant promise and agree that he will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid premisis (subject to the reservations &c. aforesaid to said party of the second part and their successors against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whomsoever.
In Testimony where of said party of the first part, Together with Artemisea D. Wallace wife of the said party of the first part, hath hereunto set their hands and seals on this said 23rd day of Nov. 1843 afsd.
John Wallace (seal)
Artimesia Wallace (seal)
Commonwealth of Kentucky
          to wit
Boone County I, I. G. Hamilton Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify that this deed from John Wallace and his wife Artimisea (sic) Wallace to James R. Hawkins, Robert Huey, Saml. Mason, John Q. Johnson and Jacob Hardesty Trustees of the Baptist Church at Big Bone was this 23rd day of November 1843. produced to me in my Office, and acknowledged by the said John Wallace to be his act and deed, and the said Artimisea Wallace being examined by me privily and apart from her husband on the 2nd. day of Dec. 1843. declared that she did freely and willingly seal and deliver the said writing and wishes not to retract it and acknowledged the said writing again shown and explained to her to be her act and deed, whereupon the said deed together with the foregoing certificate hath been duly admitted to record in my office, Given under my hand the date aforesaid.
I. G. Hamilton, C.B.C.C
Big Bone History

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